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Shipping protection

Shipping protection

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The Fast & Effective Way To Stop Your Dog From Barking 🐶

💛 Painless & Safe Alternative To Collars

🐕 Suitable For All Dogs

📔 FREE 28 Page Dog Training Ebook Included (Valued at $30 AUD)

  • 30-Day Risk Free Trial
  • 24HR Dispatch From Sydney
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Shipping Info

We use Australia Post for all of our deliveries. You can expect your parcel within 2-8 business days when it leaves our warehouse in Sydney.

How Does It Work?

💠 When your barking dog or neighours dog is within 15 metres of the advance bark sensor it picks up the frequency of the bark & emits a high-pitched ultrasonic sound heard by the dog.

💠 The dog is startled by the high-pitched sound that is safe & effective, the dog will then stop barking as it will associate its barks with this unpleasant noise.

💠 The machine will only be active during the duration of your dogs bark then it will switch off immediately afterwards.

💠 The device will work on the go as it is wireless with an easy hang feature if you desire to put this closer by a neighbours dog.

What's Inside The [FREE] Ebook

  1. Understanding Your Dog's Behaviour
  2. Barking Solutions
  3. Identifying The Cause Of Barking
  4. Positive Reinforcement Training
  5. Desensitisation & Counterconditioning (Easing Your Dog's Anxiety)
  6. Recognising Anxiety Signs
  7. Creating A Safe Environment
  8. Implementing Calming Techniques
  9. Professional Help For Severe Cases Of Canine Obesity
  10. The Dangers Of Obesity In Dogs
  11. Balanced Diet & Portion Control Information
  12. Regular Exercise & Activities
  13. Fun Ways To Keep Your Dog Active With Aggression
  14. Types Of Aggression
  15. Avoiding Triggers
  16. Gradual Socialisation
  17. The Power Of Positive Reinforcement
  18. Using Rewards Effectively
  19. Clicking Training & Marker Words
  20. Building A Strong Bond With Your Dog
  21. Establishing Trust & Respect
  22. Communicating Effectively
  23. Strengthening Human To Dog Connection (The Importance Of Mental Stimulation)
  24. Keeping Your Dog's Mind Active
  25. Interactive Toys & Puzzles
  26. Engaging Training Sessions
  27. Fun Games & Tricks
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Doggy Benefits 🐶

💠 Humane: Our bark control device is a humane way to deter excessive barking without using harsh methods that can harm or cause stress to your dog.

💠 Non-invasive: shock collars can be uncomfortable & distressing for your dog, ultrasonic bark control devices do not require physical contact with your dog.

💠 Effective: The high-pitched sounds is designed to interrupt the barking behaviour & discourage your dog from continouing to bark.

Health Benefits

Comparison to other methods

Other methods such as shock collars or citronella collars cause: Stress, Phobia & Increased Heart Rate which have a negative effect on your dog's health.

❌ Shock collars: use an electric shock to deter barking, which can be painful & cause fear/anxiety.

❌ Citronella collars: emit a strong spray of citronella oil, which dogs find irritating & stressful.

Ultrasonic Device: Only active when your dog bark's & turns off when your dog stops barking. This method only distracts your dog and causes no harm/stress.

Over 30,000+ Happy Aussie Pet Owners ✨

Barking collars are a thing of the past, harmful & invasive for your furry friend, try our ultrasonic bark control device today

Some Happy Facebook Reviews ⭐️

  • A quieter home environment
  • Lowered anxiety for both dogs & humans
  • Well-behaved companion
  • Enhanced Communication
  • Enhanced Bonding
  • Conflict with neighbours removed

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Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident in our product that if you feel you are not seeing any results or are not happy with our product, we offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!